This is a page detailing various records of the Motor Racing Wiki. Some of them may be unknown, but it's worth listing the ones we do know. Please fill the gaps in, and add your own records, as long as they are sensible.


  • First edit: Home Page on 3 September 2012
  • First page: Home Page on 3 September 2012
  • First user: Zecallo
  • First picture: F1 logo on 3 September 2012


  • 1st article: Home Page - 3 September 2012
  • 100th article: Ayrton Senna - 25 October 2012
  • 250th article: n/a
  • 500th article: n/a
  • 750th article: n/a
  • 1000th article: n/a


  • Most edited article:
  • Article unedited for the longest time: See MRW:Dusty articles
  • Most edits by a user: Zecallo (297 edits since 3 September 2012, as of 11 December 2012)

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